What is Henna?

Henna is derived from a plant Lawsonia Inermis. It is grown and native to India and North Africa. It has been over century for colouring the hair and as decoration for hands and feet.

What are the benefits of using henna?

It’s a great conditioning treatment for the hair . Our hair colours strengthen the hair from the root it gives the hair a deep conditioning treatment.

How natural are Saach Organics colours?

Our hair colors are 100 % natural and are free from: Oxidants, Ammonia, P – phenylenediamine, Synthetic Fragrances, Heavy Metals

What are the instructions?

Please note all our colours contain instructions in the box.

I heard it’s messy?

Applying natural hair colours can be messy, we have included a brush, cap and gloves to assist with colouring your hair. Please find a place to use henna as it may splash.

Are they permanent?

All our hair colours are semi-permanent. We do a range of bright and vibrant colours.

Will they cover grey?

Yes they will cover grey effectively.

Can pregnant women use Henna?

Saach products are all natural so will not affect you. Please consult a doctor and also does a strand test.

Will it make my hair lighter?

Henna makes your hair darker or brighter, it doesn’t strip colour from your hair. Henna can also go darker with time.

Can I go swimming with henna in my hair?

This is a difficult question depends on the amount of chlorine in the pool. Please conduct a strand test. Henna will like all colours will fade and may become dull overtime.