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Our unique range of Hair Masks following ancient Ayurvedic principles

Refresh and Revitalise your hair today with these natural unique hair masks

Let us at Saach Organics Choose the right hair mask for you, bringing your hair back to life

Questions to answer;

  • Is your hair lifeless?
  • Do you want to strengthen your hair?
  • Do you have a sensitive scalp?


Ayurveda Hair Mask

Original conditioning treatment 100 % pure ingredients harvested in India

A revolutionary Ayurvedic hair treatment: a unique blend of natural Ayurvedic herbs formulated to strengthen & condition your hair, control hair loss and premature greying with dandruff control.


Neem Hair Mask

For hair growth and strengthening your hair

Please note: Neem should be avoided if pregnant or trying to conceive.

Warning: This product is not suitable for people with increased sensitivity to nickel

Ingredients: Neem Powder. Azadirachta indicais a natural herb that comes from the neem tree native to India.

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


Amla Hair Mask

Ingredients: Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Powder  Ground leaves of the Indian gooseberry

  • Promote healthy growth
  • Improve tone of colour
  • Minimize greys
  • Boost volume


Bhringraj Hair Mask

Ingredients: Bhringraj Powder – Ecilpta Prostrata / Eclipta Alba

  • Hair growth
  • Reducing greys
  • Shining hair


Cassia Powder Hair Mask

Hair conditioning Treatment

Can be used with a small amount of henna to produce a light tone – please take a strand test to see colour achieved

Produces golden effect on grey hair

  • Suppleness
  • Shine


Shikakai Powder Hair Mask

Ingredients: Acacia concinna

Can be used as a shampoo

Cleanses and brings nutrients to the hair

Assists with hair growth