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Herbal Henna Powder for Hair by Saach Organics




A revolutionary Ayurvedic Henna hair powder that give natural colours whilst conditioning and strengthening hair and scalp, and prevents dandruff and hair loss.


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About: Saach Organics Herbal Henna Powder is a powerful and natural blend of handpicked Henna and other precious mother herbs to condition and strengthen the hair and scalp. Helps to control dandruff and hair loss. Providing natural colour and shine, whilst restoring the natural health and full body of hair.

Directions: mix henna powder with lukewarm water until you create a paste. Spread evenly over the hair making sure you cover all roots. Leave for one hour and the wash out with Saach Organics Colour Protect Shampoo which comes as part of this boxed set.

Size: 75g

Ingredients: Natural Henna, Accacia Concinna, Eclipta Prostrada, Aloe Vera, Bacopa Monniera, Acacia Catechu, Coffee Seeds and Emblica Officinalis

Free From: Parabens, Para Phenylenediamine (PPD), Ammonia, Peroxides


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