Henna and Indigo Powder Duo Pack

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Henna and Indigo Powder Duo Pack
Henna and Indigo Powder Duo Pack
Natural Chemical Free Henna Powder | Henna Hair Colour | Henna Hair Dye | Saach Organics
Indigo Powder by Saach Organics
Henna and Indigo Powder Duo Pack
Henna and Indigo Powder Duo Pack
Natural Chemical Free Henna Powder | Henna Hair Colour | Henna Hair Dye | Saach Organics
Indigo Powder by Saach Organics

Henna and Indigo Powder Duo Pack



Twin pack:

100% Natural, Chemical Free Henna Powder – 100g

100% Natural, Chemical Free Indigo Powder – 100g




Henna and Indigo Powder Duo Pack – Get the colour result you want with Saach Organics 100% pure natural Indigo and Henna Powder Duo packs. Completely chemical free they can be combined to colour you hair various shades from red/brown through to black.

2 x 100g

Free From: Parabens, Para Phenylenediamine (PPD), Ammonia, Peroxides

Henna and Indigo Powder Duo Pack - PETA CERTIFIED CRUELTY FREE

PETA Certified: Saach Organics products are never tested on animals




Using Indigo With Henna

We strongly recommend doing a patch test and a strand test before use – full instructions are included in the pack.

Method 1:

Applying indigo directly after Hennaing :

Use the following table as a guide, different hair types will colour differently this is where strand tests to determine colour will be useful.

  • Leave on for 5-10 minutes for copper to light brown colour
  • Leave on for 10-15 minutes medium brown colour
  • Leave on for 20-30 minutes medium to dark brown colour.
  • Leave on for 40 60 minutes for dark brown colour.
  • Leave on for up to two hours for a dark brown to black

Method 2:

Premixing henna and indigo together:

  • Follow instruction for mixing henna and leave for set time.
  • When you are ready to dye your hair mix the indigo as per instructions
  • Add indigo paste to henna paste and mix well
  • Apply to hair cover and leave for approximately 2 hours
  • The longer you leave the deeper the colour will be.

Use the following table as a guide for mixing henna and indigo, being a natural product a bit of trial and error may be necessary to achieve desired colour.

  • Red to medium brown: 2 parts henna 1 part indigo
  • Medium brown: 1 part henna 1 part indigo
  • Dark brown: 1 part henna 2 parts indigo.
  • Soft black: 1 part henna 3 parts indigo.

With a bit of experimentation you can achieve different shades.



Indigo Powder: Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder (100g)

Henna Powder: Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder (100g)


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note all our hair colours contain instructions in the box.

What is Henna?

Henna is a dye derived from the plant Lawsonia Inermis that grows in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia. Leaves from the plant are ground to a fine powder to which is then mixed to produce a paste. For over 5000 years people have used henna to dye hair, skin, leather, fabrics, and because of its natural healing properties it is also used in Ayurvedic medicine one of the oldest natural healing systems in the world native to India. We source our henna from Rajasthan in northern India the world’s capital for quality henna.

How to apply the colour

Simply mix the powder with water until you achieve a paste with the consistency of yoghurt apply to hair and leave for set time. Full set of instructions are included in every pack. We’ve  also included a brush, cap and gloves to assist with colouring your hair.

What Colour will I get with henna?

Natural pure Henna is red to orange in colour with mild variation depending on quality and region of produce. At Saach Organics we use our own special blend of henna and other herbs and fruits to create an array of natural hair colours which are perfectly safe to mix so you can experiment by mixing our colours to create your own unique colour.

Can I create different colours by mixing them?

Yes, you can mix our colours to create your own personal unique colour, add a little henna to deepen the colour or indigo to darken the colour, or simply mix any of our colours to create new ones, try and stay in the same colour bracket.

Will it work on my hair type?

Saach Organic Natural Hair colours will work on all hair types: Thick, Thin, Frizzy, Straight, Curly, Asian, Afro, European, the colour pigments in the dye bond to the proteins found in all hair to give you long lasting colour with a healthy shine.

Will Saach Organic Natural Hair colours cover grey hair?

Our hair colours work very well on grey hair, generally people get excellent coverage with their first application but some grey hair can be a bit stubborn and may need more than one application. With continued use of henna based hair products, your hair will become healthier by helping to restore much needed nutrients in your hair which in turn help the colour pigments bond to the hair shaft.

Will any of these colours lighten my hair?

The simple answer is no Our plant-based natural hair dyes contain no bleaching agents so they will not lighten your hair colour, for example you can’t go from black or dark brown to blonde. While some of the red colours ie Rose Brown, Burgandy, Mahogany may give dark hair some undertones and a reddish hue. Strand testing is the best way to find end result before colouring entire head of hair.

I have chemically coloured hair can I use Henna over it?

Saach Organic Hair Colours contain no chemicals so are safe to use on chemically coloured hair, although we do recommend doing a strand test before committing to a full head of hair. If you have very damaged hair it is advised to wait one month before using henna products. There are some poor-quality henna products out there which can contain harsh chemicals so be aware and use a trusted brand.

Can I use henna whilst pregnant?

Unlike conventional hair dyes Saach Organic Natural colours contain zero chemicals so are perfectly safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding but we advise speaking with your doctor first, although very rare some people can have allergies to natural products.

How long will the colour last?

Saach Organic Natural Hair Colours are semi-permanent, the colour will fade over time just like chemical based dyes. We recommend using natural shampoos and conditioner that do not contain harsh chemicals these tend to strip colour away from hair. The longer you use henna based natural hair dyes the better the results will become. Henna has natural conditioning and repairing qualities which over time help with hair growth and health which in turn will help the colour pigments in the dye to bond to the hair. Use Saach Organics Natural Hair colour’s as often as you like they’re all natural so won’t harm your hair, instead, they will help replenish and revitalize your hair for strong growth.


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